Iceland Debate

Dear Editor,

So the Iceland (supermarket) debate continues.

May I just point out that the whole purpose of the European Union was for cross border trading?

It was not put in place for monies for new roads, ridiculous roundabouts with statues, and God knows what else on them, that could no way have been afforded unless more affluent countries were paying for them.

In order for this cross border trading to happen, various rules and laws were put in place. It is not up to any member state to make up their own extra rules in addition to the EU rules.

Portugal, if you don’t want to stick to the rules and want to make your own, go stand on your own. Withdraw from the EU. Pay back all the monies you have had for your stupid roundabouts and everything else you have had from the EU.

And forget about the bail out you are expecting to get!


By email