Leiria Hospital doctor accused of
Leiria Hospital doctor accused of "total negligence" by mother of 17-year-old

Ibuprofen diagnosed for deep vein thrombosis

The mother of a 17 year old girl is accusing a doctor at Leiria Hospital of “total negligence” after a visit to pediatric A&E with an alarmingly swollen leg, chest pains and vomiting saw her daughter discharged with instructions to take ibuprofen, go up and down stairs for five days and then come back for a re-evaluation. The teen was actually suffering from a deep vein thrombosis that could have been fatal. Luckily for her, her mother refused to take the Leiria A&E diagnosis, and took her child instead to Coimbra hospital, where the correct assessment was made (very quickly), and her daughter interned for 10 days treatment and observation. The girl has since been discharged, but still has a swollen leg, writes Correio da Manhã today. The mother’s complaint, she stressed, was made to health service regulator ERS to ensure no other young person has to suffer “a similar situation”.