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Ibiza’s club status unchanged

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Clubbers worldwide have cast their votes and named Ibiza as the world’s clubbing capital.

The results of a recent online survey to find the Top 10 clubbing destinations in the world have returned with the iconic island of Ibiza topping the list, proving the white Isle has still not lost its appeal.

The survey, which was commissioned by Red Square Reloaded, set out to find those destinations that offer the best clubbing experiences from around the globe. Ibiza, which has long been a Mecca for party-loving folk, topped the poll with a staggering 53.42 per cent of the votes cementing its position among clubbers and DJs alike as the ultimate clubbing capital of the world.

With top names such as Pacha, DC10, and Space – famed for its monumental closing parties – all to be found within miles of one another, the world’s party cities have a lot to live up to.

Following far behind in second was the ‘Big Apple’ (10.62 per cent), the city seen as one of the founders of House music, with London (9.25 per cent), the Capital of Clubbing in the UK, close in third place. The Top 10 clubbing destinations in the world were as follows:

1. Ibiza (53.42 per cent)

2. New York (10.62 per cent)

3. London (9.25 per cent)

4. Miami (5.82 per cent)

5. Tokyo (3.77 per cent)

6. Reykjavik (2.74 per cent)

7. Barcelona (2.40 per cent)

8. Sydney (2.40 per cent)

9. Milan (2.40 per cent)

10. Berlin (2.05 per cent)