Iberifier aiming to become permanent Iberian digital media observatory

Aim is to fight growing trend for disinformation/ fake news

Iberifier, a digital media observatory in Spain and Portugal, is setting out to become the go-to place for ‘correct information’.

Coordinator Ramón Salaverría will be speaking today at the conference “Disinformation – The Impacts in the Iberian Peninsula” organised by Lusa, at which a study on the impact of disinformation in society is to be presented – and which has the speaker of Portugal’s parliament, Augusto Santos Silva, as one of the people addressing the event.

He has told Lusa ahead of the conference that Iberifier’s plan “is to continue (…)  and, in fact, consolidate as an observatory with a vocation for permanence”.

Explains the State news agency, “Iberifier is a project that aims to fight disinformation and integrates 23 Iberian research centres and universities, Portuguese news agency Lusa and Spain’s EFE, and ‘fact checkers’ such as Polígrafo and Prova dos Factos – Público, from Portugal, and Maldita.es and Efe Verifica, from Spain. It is funded by the European Commission and linked to the European Digital Media Observatory.

The disinformation study will be presented by Ángel Badillo Matos (ElCano), Maria Jose Rementeria (BSC), Vania Baldi and Miguel Paisana (OberCom), followed by a debate with the authors of the report, moderated by Lusa’s information director, Luísa Meireles.

The Iberifier consortium is one of 14 multinational observatories on digital media and disinformation supported by the European Commission. Its coordinator, Salaverría, is from the University of Navarra, and it includes, among others, Spain’s Carlos III University of Santiago de Compostela and Portugal’s ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon and the University of Aveiro.

Source material: LUSA