‘I will be telling everyone in the UK to just fly over anyway’

Dear Editor,

So shocked that again our ridiculous government has failed to include Portugal in the latest ‘green light’ list.

My husband, two-year-old daughter and I travelled out to Algarve on June 24 and spent three weeks in Lagos, Sagres and Vilamoura.

The flights were easy (empty and cheap) and the holiday was by far the safest I’ve felt since February this year (I live in Manchester, UK).

Absolutely devastated for businesses out there who were clearly struggling when we were there by this absurd decision.

We had the most amazing three weeks and were so impressed with the sensible steps Portuguese hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and shops had taken to protect all their customers. To think that face masks are the norm out there and that no one would dream of walking into a shop or hotel reception without one…vs UK where still no one wears masks and only today has a rule been imposed asking everyone to wear them into shops.

I was so impressed by the systems for sterilising sunbeds and ensuring the utmost was done to prevent any spread of C19 during our trip. The electronic menus – again in UK still everyone is handling paper menus!

The beaches were quiet – I felt like I was on my own Caribbean island for three weeks – and the weather stunning.

As holidaymakers, we were so lucky, but, as business owners, I could cry for the Portuguese.

I will be telling everyone in the UK to just fly over anyway and enjoy the Algarve as it’s way safer than the UK – even if that means sucking up the rubbish two-week quarantine on arrival home. In honesty, I’ve been happy to stay in because I feel like I’ve cleansed myself in Portugal vs the grubby UK – way safer to stay in for my family than catch the British germs.

Sorry for you guys. Feel so angry for you.

By email