‘I trusted my eyes to the doctor’

The last of four patients operated on at I-QMed clinic in Lagoa by doctor Franciscus Versteeg has returned home to Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira, in the Alentejo.

The Brazilian woman, who had a procedure to place intraocular lenses and  is now blind in both eyes, told Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manhã: “I trusted my eyes to the doctor. For now, I’m just worried about my recovery and I do not want to worry about what happened. I just know that my life has changed completely.”

The woman, who was discharged from Hospital dos Capuchos in Lisbon on August 27, added: “I am going to be monitored by the doctors who assisted me at the hospital. The only thing I see are lights and shadows and I am dependent on help from my family and friends.

“I researched a lot before undergoing the surgery. The clinic was very busy and had many positive reviews. I never thought this could happen.”

The other three patients, who went to I-QMed clinic to treat cataracts, returned home on August 16.

All four are considering legal action against Franciscus Versteeg and the Portuguese State (see Algarve Resident August 27 edition).