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I hope I don’t lose my head

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Valentine is a saint recognised by the Catholic Church who gives his name to lovers’ Valentine’s Day – and who ended up losing his head because of love.

A long time ago, the much-dreaded Roman emperor Claudius II banned marriages with the aim of forming a large and powerful army.

He believed that young men with no family would be keener to enlist in his army.

However, a Roman bishop continued to celebrate marriages secretly. That was Valentine but he was discovered, arrested and sentenced to death by the emperor.

While imprisoned, many young people threw flowers and notes through the bars of his cell, saying that they still believed in love.

Asterias, the jailer’s daughter, who was blind, got permission from her father to visit Valentine and the two ended up falling in love and she miraculously regained her sight. Valentine was executed on February 14, 270.

Valentine’s Day nowadays is not about love  – and I don’t think many people would make sacrifices for love.

The celebration today is almost mechanical. Couples get together and celebrate it because they have to,and women are literally torn apart if their boyfriends forget this very important date.

Valentine’s Day in modern times basically consists in the act of exchanging gifts between loved ones.

Roses are the most popular Valentine’s gift. In addition to roses, couples also buy mixed flower bouquets, carnations and other species of flowers, which will all eventually die like some relationships.

And pity those people who suffer from pollen allergies who have to smile when they receive flowers!

I’ve had some Valentine’s Day celebrations in my life but I can’t say I was really in love because I did not enjoy the occasion so much. It was boring as if an obligation.

Maybe I’m just a frustrated person who needs to find love to appreciate this day.

But who needs love when you have single male and female friends who celebrate this day in a special way? We have secretly created the Single’s Day, which is much more fun than romantic dinners and allergenic flowers.

My honest advice to lovers is to enjoy every moment of their relationship and not just on Valentine’s Day.

Well, I think that after all I am just a romantic fool looking for my other half and envious of happy couples.

But time will lead my path to love and I hope I don’t lose my head…