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“I don’t kill people. I pray and they die”, key suspect in acid-bath murder caught on tape

The horrific “Braga mafia” trial, involving former members of the PDR (democratic republican) party, is fast approaching, with leaks in the popular press on taped evidence that prosecutors have at their disposal.

According to Correio da Manhã, one of the key players awaiting trial in custody has been caught on a taped telephone conversation saying: “The people of Braga I don’t like either die or disappear. I pray and things happen. That’s the way it goes. I do not kill anyone. I pray and they die”.

Nicknamed the “bruxo” (warlock), Emanuel Paulino is accused of murder along with three “Bourbon brothers” Manuel, Pedro and Adolfo – all sons of long-term friends of Euro MP Marinho e Pinto (who has since railed that his PDR party has nothing to do with the case, “just as the PS has nothing to do with José Sócrates”) (click here).

The murder is particularly complicated as no body has ever been found.

But there appears to be enough circumstantial evidence to have kept the four main defendants behind bars since their arrests.

The alleged victim, businessman João Paulo Fernandes was purportedly attempting to wrestle back over €2 million in property that his family appears to have put in the safekeeping of local lawyer Pedro Bourbon to avoid seizure by the taxman.

Investigations have verified the defendants’ purchase of up to 500 litres of sulphuric acid, and police have since discovered the location where they believe Fernandes’ body was disposed of.

But wire taps have revealed that, in the case of Paulino particularly, the warlock has “people who will give their lives” for him, and would certainly go to prison for him.

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