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I Am Not Coming Back

Dear Editor,

I read some articles about paying tolls in Algarve and it seems to me that I can add one more thing to it.  

We rented a car and we used the A22 toll twice – first time on April 5 and the second on April 9. The charge in total was probably around €3, which is more than fine to pay but please let us do it!

The car hire rep said all can be paid on arrival back to Faro airport. We know now it is not possible.

The system introduced by the Portuguese Government is ridiculous and cannot be used by tourists and if any of you know, please  advise, how can I pay it now? I left Portugal on April 9.

I thought that the Algarve was a tourist-friendly destination. Next year we are going to Spain. The Portuguese government in their wisdom introduced something which is half-cooked and out-of-date.

The system they have implemented is something I never came across. Nowadays it’s normal that you can pay online for tolls but you (the Portuguese Government) prefer to send more people to Spain/Italy.  

It’s not about the charge but your attitude towards tourists and their euros.  We won’t come back to the Algarve in the future.