Hybrid cars imported into Portugal since 2019 could be liable for 75% tax clawback

Potentially good news for anyone who has imported a hybrid car into Portugal since 2019.

As long as the car dates from 2019 or before, importers may be able to claim back 75% of the duty paid.

This stems from the fact that up till 2019, hybrid cars with a minimum autonomy in electric mode of 25 kms, only had to pay 25% of importation taxes.

From the start of 2019, the law changed, leaving importers liable for 100% tax.

A German importer brought his 2019 vehicle into the country this year – and was charged the full tax rate, explains SIC television news.

But he challenged the calculations, and was ruled to be ‘right’.

As long as the AT tax authority doesn’t appeal the decision, the man should receive a refund of just over €2,600, says the station.

And anyone else who thinks they might fall into the same bracket, could have a case.

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