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Hunters to clean up

The seventh edition of the National Day of the Hunters for the Environment will be held on Sunday, when hunters will be out collecting rubbish left in the countryside.

This initiative was born in the Algarve and has spread rapidly throughout the country.

 Vítor Palmilha, President of the Federation of Hunters of the Algarve (FCA), said: “The waste left by neglect in the forests harms the agriculture sector and various species of animals.”

The initiative also aims to alert all hunters to never leave used cartridges, empty containers and other objects when they go hunting. “This action is intended to be an example to all citizens who should put the waste in appropriate places for its purpose,” said Vítor Palmilha.

The items collected will be converted into household appliances which will be offered to Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (IPSS) in the region.