Hunter found not guilty

By: Caroline Cunha

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A HUNTER, accused of assaulting an 83-year-old British man in countryside near his home in Loulé three years ago, was found not guilty at Loulé court due to insufficient evidence, in June last year, The Resident learned this week.

Dr Anthony Rossington Vickers and his wife, Karin, told The Resident that they decided to leave Portugal a few months ago after losing patience waiting for justice.

Despite having all their post regularly forwarded from their Barreiras Brancas address by a neighbour, the Vickers claim they did not receive notification of the verdict, which is a duty of the courts, and had been waiting since last summer to be informed of the sentencing date.

The Resident has had access to the court papers and informed the couple of the not guilty verdict this week.

“I am cynically amused at this example of Portuguese legality and angry at the escape of this criminal from justice for what he did. Additionally, my not being informed of the results of the case merely confirms my impressions of this very inadequate justice system.

“You will appreciate that, at my age, with my background, I am hardly likely to have made up such a story. He perpetrated a very serious assault upon myself. I thought my life had come to an end. I believe I correctly identified the culprit.”

Dr Vickers added: “This is just one more incident in a catalogue of such unfair and unsatisfactory legalities over a period of some years.”


Dr Vickers, who was not legally represented at the trial, confirmed that he will not be pursuing the case any further. “I cannot attend any court action very easily, as I now live many thousands of miles away from Loulé,” he said.

Dr Vickers was classed as a witness in a criminal trial and it is a requirement of the courts for witnesses to be informed of the verdict by normal post. These letters are not sent by registered mail.

On consulting several lawyers in Portugal, The Resident was told that it is advisable to contract a legal professional in such cases as it can prove essential for cases to progress through the courts and also aids the communication process.

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