Portugal's foreign minister João Gomes Cravinho
Portugal's minister for foreign affairs João Gomes Cravinho. Image: ANDRÉ KOSTERS/LUSA

Hungary won’t block Ukraine support, predicts Portugal’s foreign minister

Portugal’s foreign minister has downplayed Hungary’s threat to block a €50 billion package for Ukraine today, recalling that Budapest has approved all sanctions packages since Russia’s invasion of the country in February 2022. “Among 27 countries (…) there are 27 points of view, but it has always been possible to find a common path. In relation to Hungary, which has been seen since February 2022 as being closer to Russia, but was part of the unanimity of member states that approved 11 sanctions packages (…) I don’t believe it will be any different this time,” said João Gomes Cravinho. Budapest “won’t be entirely satisfied”, but “at the end of the day it will accept”.