Hundreds wait to present Covid documentation at airports

Hundreds of people had to wait in queues at airports today as the first day of Portugal’s new restrictions for travellers into the country began.

The balance however was essentially positive. The vast majority of travellers had all their paperwork in order. Twenty people were found not to be in possession of the negative PCR/ antigen test required for entry irrespective of vaccination status. These people will be facing fines that start at €300 and could reach up to €800.

Reporting to SIC television this afternoon, Pedro Pinho – director of airport security at the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon PSP – said the relevant airlines that transported the passengers will also face fines. These start at the dizzying cost of €20,000 per every passenger not found in possession of a negative Covid test (click here).

Pedro Pinho added that around 3,200 passengers passed through Lisbon airport today. Of the 20 found without negative tests, 10 had already had their results through and they were all negative.