Hundreds take to streets of Lisbon demanding ‘decent living conditions’
Images taken from Vida Justa Facebook page

Hundreds take to streets of Lisbon demanding ‘decent living conditions’

‘Vida Justa’ movement has grown from Portugal’s housing crisis

Hundreds of people turned out for the march in Lisbon yesterday organised by Movimento Vida Justa – a movement that has emerged from the consequences of the country’s housing crisis, and which describes itself as “a majority” that doesn’t want to be “invisible” or “silent” any longer.

As the call for the demo stressed: “We are the majority. And it’s time for the many to make their voices heard. Injustice persists because of our silence. Let’s take the floor and demand fair policies that promote equality: we all have the right to a fair life, we deserve it every day we work, and young people deserve a better future.” 

With main demands being “a home to live in, transport for all, and salary increases“, the demo was also intended as a warning “against police repression in neighbourhoods”, writes Lusa, “and for an end to “price rises” that have been hitting citizens since the beginning of last year.

Several left wing organisations and entities joined the event, including representatives of the CGTP (confederation of trade unions), members of the Left Bloc – led by coordinator Mariana Mortágua – and from PCP communists. 

Banners and placards showed how other issues have merged with the main themes: there were messages about racism; climate transition – there was even a Palestinian flag. Yesterday’s march was yet further sign of a population that is far from content.

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