Hundreds react to tragedy in Palmeira de Faro, Esposende
View of back of property where landslide hit: Images on Facebook / E24

Hundreds react to tragedy in Palmeira de Faro, Esposende

Police probe earthmoving that took place during summer

The horror of yesterday’s deaths in Palmeira de Faro, Esposende, has united a community that can barely believe two young people were so cruelly killed, as they slept in a back bedroom of a well-built house.

Susana Gonçalves and Fábio Favid, both 22, were expecting their first child. Yesterday they were described as the parents of two children rescued alive from the disaster. They weren’t: Susana was the eldest sister of the family; Fábio her partner.

The young couple appears to have been killed instantly the landslide slammed into the room in which they were sleeping.

Again, yesterday reports alluded to the relentless amount of rain that had fallen in the Minho region in recent weeks. But rain now is not the issue: the issue appears to be earthmoving works that took place last summer on land behind the now-ruined family home.

According to E24 Diário Digital the property above has a house on it that was constructed roughly a year ago.

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