Hundreds of holidaymakers stranded after Montijo travel agency “runs off with their money”

A travel agency in Montijo has swindled hundreds of people out of the summer holiday of their dreams.

Pacote Glamour Viagens shut its doors last Wednesday, leaving as many as 200 clients without their holidays and without their money.

Worse perhaps was the treatment of clients who were already installed in hotels scattered around the world.

According to reports, these found themselves asked to leave their hotels “every day” – and later discovered that flights they thought they had paid for were not covered.

The PSP has received up to 60 complaints – 2o of them this week – and is currently investigating.

Local online paper Diário do Distrito suggests the up to half a million euros in client money may have been embezzled, while the full picture is still developing, given that many clients may not have embarked yet on their ‘dream’ holidays, and thus may not even know they will not be getting them.

Included among the victims are group bookings for safaris and cruises, writes Correio da Manhã.

Meantime, Turismo de Portugal has issued a warning about the company, pointing to its “situation of illegality” and the fact that it did not even possess the “requisite” licence to operate as a travel agent. The statement advises anyone with bookings with the agency to check ahead to discover whether their reservations are valid.

Pacote Glamour Viagens e Turismos’ female owner, a youthful-looking blonde named as Paula Oliveira, is described as uncontactable. “Other members of her family, including her dog” are also absent, adds diariodistrito.

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