Leiria firefighters excluded from Summer's rural firefighting response

Hundreds of firefighters battle wildfire in Serra de Montejunto

10 air support dousing hectares of pine and eucalyptus 

Less than a week after a wildfire consumed 40 hectares of wilderness and eucalyptus trees, the flames are back in Serra de Montejunto – a forested area in the heart of Portugal’s ‘western region’, 50 kms northeast of Lisbon. More than 300 firefighters are on the ground, backed by dozens of appliances and 10 firefighting planes and helicopters.

Fire broke out shortly before 2pm this afternoon – and beyond the conditions of heat/ lack of humidity in tinderbox-dry landscape, the wind is making combat even more difficult.

At 5pm the blaze still had only one active front. No homes or business premises are reportedly under threat.