Human foot unearthed by dog on Chaves building site

A building site in Chaves has been cordoned off by police as what appears to be the buried body of a man was discovered yesterday by workmen.

The men were alerted to the gruesome find by a dog, reports Correio da Manhã.

All that was visible at this point was a human foot. Forensic experts were quickly called in, and they set about using geo-radar to determine what lay beneath the foot.

Diário de Notícias this morning suggests the foot may not be attached to a body, and that only parts of a body have been discovered so far.

As investigations continue under tarpaulin, CM reveals the ground in which the foot was discovered is part of the back of a house owned by a Spanish family who “only visit sporadically”.

The family had been in Chaves recently, adds CM, and the house had also been robbed – although the paper gave no further details about this.

For now, the incident is being treated as a homicide, writes CM.

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