Human bones found inside suitcase in Almancil

The case was handed over to PJ criminal police

Human bones were found in a bag inside a suitcase on a patch of agricultural land in São Lourenço, Almancil on Monday.

The horrific discovery was made by a man who was collecting carobs nearby and felt “a very strong smell” coming from a stone wall, where he found the suitcase.

GNR police were called to the scene. As they suspected the bones were human, the case was handed over to PJ criminal police, which are due to carry out a DNA test to determine the victim’s identity.

Among the remains found were a skull and hair, which confirms that they belonged to a human being.

According to Correio da Manhã, “the state of decomposition of the bones, which are believed to belong to a woman, are compatible with the time that 49-year-old Quarteira woman Sandra Andrade has been missing.”

Sandra Andrade – a ‘TVDE driver’ (transport services such as Uber which are attributed a TVDE label) – was last seen on June 24. Her car was found on June 28 in Olhão, around 30 kilometres from her home.

Authorities were alerted by Sandra Andrade’s mother who had been unable to contact her daughter for days as her phone was turned off.

By Michael Bruxo