Hugely popular Carvoeiro Black & White party cancelled

Another major event has been cancelled in the Algarve due to the coronavirus outbreak – Carvoeiro’s hugely popular Black and White party, held every June to mark the arrival of summer.

Lagoa Council made the announcement this Friday (March 20), adding that it has set aside around €100,000 for a fund that will be managed by the Algarve’s municipalities association (AMAL).

Says the council, the fund will be used to help the region contain the pandemic and improve the treatment of those infected with the virus, namely by purchasing ventilators and other much-needed medical equipment.

The council is also planning to invest up to €400,000 on improving its social services in order to help those in need in the borough.

According to Lagoa Mayor Luís Encarnação, these investments will be made possible by the “cancelling of activities and events” such as the Black and White party.

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