HPA private hospital in Lagos starts receiving Covid-19 patients

São Gonçalo Hospital in Lagos – owned and managed by private hospital group HPA Saúde – has received its first two coronavirus patients after announcing in mid-March that the hospital would be turned into a Covid-19 treatment centre.

Says the group, one of the cases was transferred from Faro’s public hospital while the other was referred from one of the clinics of the HPA Group.

“The entire hospital has been restructured to treat these patients,” it adds.

During this initial stage, 14 patients can be admitted at the hospital, each being treated in separate rooms, as well as an additional four in the intensive care unit.

The group explains that human resources have also been prepared for “providing this demanding type of care, with some professionals from Alvor Hospital being deployed to reinforce local teams”.

Meanwhile, any other emergency care and out-patient consultations and exams, which were previously carried out at Hospital de São Gonçalo, will now be provided by Hospital Particular in Alvor and by Hospital Particular in Gambelas (Faro) in the cases of “paediatric situations and pregnant women”.

“During this first phase, these two hospitals will refer all suspected coronavirus cases to the São Gonçalo Hospital. However, the Gambelas hospital is also preparing one of its in-patient units for suspected or diagnosed cases, should it become necessary,” the group says.

Lagos Mayor Hugo Pereira visited the Lagos hospital on Thursday afternoon (April 2) and “expressed his recognition for the work involved”.

The group adds that it is committed to collaborating with the national health service and to supporting the resident population, “as we realise that only together will it be possible to overcome this battle”.