HPA Health Group holds Oncology Meetings on April 15

“Uniting, reflecting and empowering” is the motto of the Algarve Oncology Meetings, organised by the HPA Saúde Group in Faro.

The Hospital Particular do Algarve Health Group is hosting a series of oncology meetings for health professionals on April 15 at the 3HB Hotel in Faro.

The event’s main objective is to bring together the professionals that make up the multidisciplinary teams managing oncological disease in a multi-thematic reflection.

Using the “uniting, reflecting and empowering” motto, the meetings are designed to contribute to greater empowerment of these professionals in the fight against cancer.

There will be five specific debates on the various forms of the disease: breast, prostate, colorectal, lung and cutaneous cancer, where the different therapeutic perspectives will be addressed.

Aspects related to early diagnosis, as a fundamental determinant of the course and success of the oncological disease, will also be approached.

The afternoon ends with a multidisciplinary panel in which surgery, radio oncology, and oncology professionals will participate, as well as general practitioners, nurses and physiotherapists.

The event closes with an intervention by the editor of Onco Glam Magazine, whose motto is “Cancer is not beautiful, but we can be”.

The complete programme of the Algarve Oncology Meetings is available here.