HPA Health Group – continuously investing in quality and differentiation

The HPA Health Group is the most important private health group in the Algarve, Alentejo and Madeira regions, consisting of a total of eighteen units, including hospitals and clinics.

They have been, over the years, pioneers in some therapeutic interventions, namely in ophthalmic surgery, orthopedic surgery with patient specific instrumentation, cancer surgery and cardiothoracic surgery.  The Cardiothoracic Unit is, in fact, one of the areas with the greatest differentiation, where a large investment has been made in minimally invasive surgery by assisted video thoracoscopy.  World-renowned surgeons regularly visit this unit.

Despite the difficulties of recent times, caused by the pandemic that spread throughout the world, the HPA Health Group remains faithful to its commitments and to continue implementing its projects, outlined for the coming months. Namely, the expansion of the Hospital Particular in Gambelas (Faro) and the transformation of his clinic in Sines – CLÍDIS – into a hospital, which will be the first private hospital in Alentejo’s coastal region).

As for the Gambelas Hospital, it will essentially expand its second floor facilities, resulting in additional space for gastroenterology and urology exams, and also for a new Women’s Health Unit. The In-Patients Unit will also gain additional rooms with the transfer of the Oncology Day Care Unit to another wing of the hospital.

“The current pandemic has forced us to alter our working procedures, in order to promote the maximum guarantee of safety and protection in the health care we provide, but it has not diminished our dedication and perseverance. We will continue to invest in technological innovation and knowhow, to guarantee the improvement of our patient’s health. We are confident that we will be able to put the Algarve and Portugal back in the centre of the world, and are sure that HPA will be contributing towards this”, they proudly tell us.

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