The outside of the new HPA Health Group hospital - Gambelas 2021

HPA Gambelas 2021 – because we believe in the future

Text by HPA Saúde

Gambelas 2021 means additional space, better organisation and greater efficiency which we hope will be reflected in less time wasted, better service, more satisfied patients and, above all, total and excellent solutions to their health issues.

We believe Gambelas 2021 will be a year with a future, a year where together we will alleviate the uneasiness of 2020, a year in which together we will bet on more and better health.

The new wing of the HPA in Gambelas is evidence of rebirth and rejuvenation.

The new Gynaecology and Obstetrics Out-Patients Unit will be housed here, with the necessary support from the nursing staff dedicated to this area.

A new consultation area, for medical and surgical purposes, with a small surgery theatre, where new techniques will be developed in ambulatory surgery, such as MOSH Dermatological Surgery and special endoscopic exams for Gastroenterology, Pneumology and Urology.

The new Day Care Hospital and Oncology Unit will triple their reception and treatment capacity; they will have additional space and the personalised services that these patients so much require and appreciate, which this team provides so well.

This new 1,200 sqm area will permit us to reorganise other aspects of the Hospital, in a more functional and structured perspective, with integrated patient centred units, according to each pathology.

With this renovation, HPA Gambelas has increased its total area by 10%, but we hope to improve our various services by 20% and above all we want to increase the level of our patients’ satisfaction by 100%.

We rely on the wisdom and experience of our Board of Directors to support us in this battle against the adversity of the times we live in, with the commitment of our administrative, auxiliary, as well as our nurses, technicians and doctors who every day face the fear of uncertainty in relation to the current pandemic, taking care of those who need us the most, with courage and professionalism.

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Gambelas 2021 Day Care Hospital's team

Pregnant woman in the obstetrics unit at the Gambelas 2021 hospital doing an ultrasound

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