How to validate/introduce your invoices in the Finanças portal

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As you will know, it is time to start preparing your IRS declaration, which should be presented between April and June. In order to ensure that you receive the full tax credits that you are entitled to, you should validate on the e-fatura platform at all expenses made in 2018, which were issued with your taxpayer number (NIF).

Many will be waiting for your confirmation as “pendentes” and to which sector they refer. Although covered by the automatic IRS, e-fatura validation is crucial to save on tax payable. You can do this until February 25.

To enter the e-fatura platform you must log in with your taxpayer’s number (NIF) and your password, assigned by the Tax Authority. If you do not already have it, you can do it in “Registar-se”. The Tax Authority sends the password, by mail, to the tax domains of each taxpayer, within five working days. Once you receive the password, you can change it to one that you prefer. On the portal, click “Iniciar Sessão” and then “Alterar Senha” at the bottom of the screen.

Repeat for each household member, regardless of age, since you can only access the expenses of each person through their respective password, which you can validate at

■ Saúde – all medical and pharmaceutical expenses;
■ Educação – expenditure on school books, accommodation of displaced students, extra study help, school meals and other charges held in educational establishments;
■ Lares – expenditure on residential homes or living expenses;
■ Imóveis – rent and interest on loans for the purchase or construction of own and permanent housing;
■ Reparações de automóveis – maintenance and repair of motor vehicles;
■ Reparações de motociclos – maintenance and repair of motorcycles and their parts;
■ Restauração e alojamento – meals and restaurants and hotel stays or similar;
■ Cabeleireiros – Expenses in salons for hairdressers or beauty institutes;
■ Atividades veterinárias – expenditure in veterinary establishments;
■ Passes mensais – expenses with collective public transport passes;
■ Outros – other expenses.

In the personal area of the e-fatura section, you can see a message that alerts you to the presence of health expenses with a VAT rate of 23%. As the tax authorities only deduct them if the taxpayer has a medical prescription, click on “Associar Receita” and indicate if it has a prescription and the amount of the expense that is covered by the prescription.

If you have found that there is an invoice missing, you can insert it manually. In the “Despesas Dedutíveis IRS” menu, then choose “Registar Faturas”. Fill in all the selected data and at the end click on “Guardar” to save.

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