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How to travel stress-free this Christmas

By Helen Jones

For many of us, next week will see us packing the cases and heading off to visit family or friends for the festive season.

Whether it be by plane, train or automobile, travelling with little people can be a challenge at the best of time, never mind when Santa must be factored into the equation too!

Here are our top tips for keeping the season stress-free if you are travelling this year.

Deliver direct

Don’t try to fly with presents – worse case, you could end up having them all unwrapped at security and at best you could end up being charged for the extra weight. If you can’t order them to be delivered direct, it’s worth shipping them yourself en masse beforehand. Just remember to factor in how you’ll get yours home afterwards…

Plan for delays

With winter weather, traffic jams and everyone seemingly going the same way as you, it’s worth preparing for delays. Pack entertainment to keep everyone occupied and all your travel details easily to hand, so you can make calls easily if you need to let anyone else know you’re held up.

Tots track Santa

Talk about how many miles you are travelling – just like Santa himself! You could make a map of the route, or even a Christmassy treasure hunt for the journey.

Leave a note

Make sure they leave a note at home letting Santa know of your temporary location so he can be sure to find you on Christmas Eve. If he won’t have access to a chimney, let the kids leave suggestions for alternatives. And of course, don’t forget to leave out a little tipple and a mince pie (or perhaps a local equivalent!) at your destination. He’s sure to be hungry after the extra trip from your house!

Enjoy the relaxation

Being away from home means no racing around on last minute visits, no sale shopping, no ‘let’s use the time off to decorate the spare room’ – just chill out and enjoy the time as a family!

Happy travelling!

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Article submitted by Helen Jones, Lettings Expert – Algarve. 914 563 407