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How to study for the CIPLE Portuguese exam

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To become a permanent resident or citizen of Portugal, you may need to pass a level A2 Portuguese language test known as the CIPLE. This ensures that you have enough proficiency to communicate at a basic level in Portugal.

If you’re planning on taking the test, or you just want to reach a higher level, provides a wide array of resources to help you study! There are more than 80 units covering European Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, usage, and pronunciation skills at the A1 and A2 levels. Each unit includes grammar explanations and interactive lessons, featuring exercises such as fill-in-the-blanks, type what you hear, multiple choice, speaking practice, and more. There is even a unit covering some less common terminology that could come up in test instructions.

Members who work through these units can also make use of Smart Review, a spaced repetition flash card system to help you retain what has been learned so far.

A large component of the CIPLE is listening comprehension, so it’s essential to get enough practice hearing and understanding realistic speech in the European Portuguese dialect. Practice Portuguese includes hundreds of audio and video episodes as part of the platform and they release more every week. This makes it easy to listen to native Portuguese speakers, even when you’re far from Portugal!

You can slow down the audio, replay it as many times as you’d like, and take a quiz to test your comprehension. The synchronised transcripts train your ears to parse the words and sounds and the English translation below connects what you hear to the meaning. The audio is always in European Portuguese, so you know you’re hearing the language the way it sounds in Portugal.

Learn more about the format of the CIPLE, what score you need to pass, and get links to helpful resources at

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