How to pack for a mini-break

By LIZ GRIFFITHS [email protected]

Liz Griffiths recently moved to the Algarve, after finishing her degree in Journalism and Editorial Design in the UK. She joined the Algarve Resident to assist the editorial team. Her main passions are fashion, travel and vinho verde!

Welcome to my fashion and beauty column – a dream come true for me as I can write (and talk) endlessly about this particular subject.

I will share with you the latest trends and share my thoughts on particular subjects that are at the forefront of the fashion and beauty world.

This month I am going to explore the aggravating task of packing for a weekend away.

This time of year, there is nothing better than getting away with your other half or a fun-filled weekend with the girls. And with budget airlines offering low-cost flights, the mini-break has never been so enticing and affordable.

If going abroad, you can save even more money (and time) on your weekend away by only taking on-board hand-luggage. Check with the airlines on-board weight restrictions and restrictions on the size of baggage.

The thought of squishing in all your perfect outfits into a small suitcase may bring you out in a sweat, but believe me it is possible. If I can do it, so can you!

So what to take and what to leave behind?

City break

For a city break, a comfortable yet stylish wardrobe is your aim, so let’s start with outerwear which will be one of the most worn items especially if sightseeing is on the menu.

If the coat or jacket is chic and flattering, comfy jeans, boots and a sweater worn underneath will still look

Take a patterned simple light-coloured sundress for the beach or strolling around town.
Take a patterned simple light-coloured sundress for the beach or strolling around town.

stylish and pulled together.

The mac is perfect for this time of year and can easily be rolled up in your suitcase. The most up-to-date style is in a bright colour and this will also brighten up wardrobe basics.

To add more of your own personality to the outfit, tie a pretty silk scarf around your neck. Look for scarves in pastel colours or vibrant pinks to be on trend.

I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of boots. Knee-high boots are classic, versatile and can be worn with skirts, dresses or over jeans.

As knee-high boots take up so much room, I always wear mine for the flight. Yes, you may have to take them off through security and they may not be the most comfortable footwear for a flight, but it will really save space in the case.

I always pack two dresses for a city break; a jersey dress that can be worn in the day layered under a mac, over long-sleeved t-shirts or worn under cardigan, and a fail-safe little black dress (LBD). The jersey dress can be worn with the boots and pack a pair of heels for the LBD along with an on-trend necklace that will bring the LBD up-to-date.

If you favour masculine tailoring rather than the feminine look for an evening out, a fitted white blouse looks glamorous with a statement necklace teamed with a pencil skirt or a wide legged trouser (with those heels, the mac and the silk scarf).

Sunny break

For some people, a weekend full of sight-seeing is not their idea of a holiday and at this time of year, there is nothing better than jetting off to somewhere hot.

Packing for a sun-filled weekend is relatively easy, especially if the plan is to spend most of your time on the beach.

Take two flattering bikinis or swimsuits, one in black or white and the other in a dazzling pattern meaning the bikini can be mixed and matched.

Add a glamorous kaftan for a visit to the beach bar and a sarong to tie loosely around hips and tummy for those who aren’t as toned as they would like at this time of year!

I have read numerous articles stating how dresses can be worn from the beach to the bar but I love nothing more than leaving the beach, having a shower and slipping on a freshly ironed dress for an evening out.

Take two dresses – a patterned simple light-coloured sundress for the beach or strolling around town and a maxi-dress or knee-length dress in a richer shade for the evening that can be adapted by wearing various pieces of jewellery.

Take the weight out of your feet for a weekend of sun and leave the heels at home. Instead take a couple of pairs of fabulous flat sandals. A pair of comfy flip-flops for daytime and a pair of bejewel

Trend Report

Pastel colours are big news for the spring/summer season seen on every item of clothing on the catwalk. If you are like me and the thought of pastel colours brings you out in a rash, bright colours such as orange and pink are also set to be big, so at least there is something for everybody. Oh, and get working on your legs, hemlines are set to be very high this summer…

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led thong sandals for the evening teamed with an anklet for added glamour.