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How to find the right resources to learn Portuguese

Text Molly Rudesill,

The Portuguese language can be divided into two primary dialects: Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. It’s much easier to find Brazilian resources, but it saves you time and energy in the long run if you put the extra effort into seeking out resources specific to European Portuguese.

Native speakers understand both variants, but there are many differences in grammar, vocabulary, expressing formality, and most notably, pronunciation. For beginners who want to learn the way Portuguese is spoken in Portugal, it can add an extra layer of complexity if what you study doesn’t match what you hear.

Next, you’ll want to decide whether to start learning by yourself, in group classes, or by hiring a personal tutor. This will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Online courses and books are a more affordable way to begin. These help you build a foundation of the basics before adding on other types of learning methods. That said, everybody learns differently and it’s encouraged to learn from multiple sources.

Regardless of what you choose, find a good balance of structure and self-guided practice. A series of lessons keeps you focused and organised, but it’s also important to put your skills to use. Listen to real conversations and take opportunities to use the language in your own way out in the real world.

It’s not always easy to get in-person practice these days, but has you covered, with lessons and activities for all levels, as well as short, entertaining dialogues for learning the language in realistic, useful contexts.

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