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How to build a home gym!  – By João Cabral

SO FAR this year, you have learnt how to develop various muscle groups and how to benefit from cardiovascular training. Now, I’ll show you the pros and cons of a home gym. What equipment you need? The truth: as much or as little as you need to reach your training goals, or as finances allow.

Don’t be intimidated about setting up a home gym. We see so much glossy advertising that the thought of home gyms makes euro signs swim before our eyes. Simply ask yourself these questions before going out to spend money on equipment that will be worthless within six months. You will be surprised at how little you may actually require. Versatility! How many exercise routines can one piece of equipment give me?

Home gyms can be set up for any training level, from general fitness to serious body building. Ask yourself:

a) What are my fitness goals?

b) What level of fitness do I want?

c) How often will I realistically use

the equipment?

What are the benefits of training at home? If you have a busy lifestyle, getting down to the gym isn’t always possible, while home gyms offer convenience. They save you time and money – no more pricey gym fees and petrol costs. No more waiting in line for equipment and freedom to workout at your own pace and convenience. The only downside is motivation. The sights, sounds and smells of a gym spur us to train harder, whereas the solitude of a home gym can be demotivating. Overcome this by listening to your favourite tunes while training. The ultimate motivational tool though is, of course, the personal trainer, who will not only motivate, but monitor your progress.

My routine is a short, challenging run along the beach, followed by a light upper body workout with rocks found on the beach, press-ups, sit-ups and finally a long swim in the sea. As you can see, not a single piece of equipment is needed, yet I have achieved a complete body workout. When I train at home, I use a fit ball, jump rope and a pair of dumbbells, combined with some yoga exercises learnt from an ex-girlfriend who was a yoga teacher. I find that the following equipment is all I need:

1) iPod – musical motivation.

2) Resistance bands – for added

resistance when utilising the isometric

training system.

3) Jump rope – cardiovascular.

4) Dumbbell set – light weight training and toning.

5) Yoga mat – for total support of the back. Also investing in a complete yoga kit will help to develop flexibility.

6) Fit ball – this is by far the best piece of training equipment I’ve found; you are able to vary your workouts often, as well as being able to achieve a complete body workout.

As you can see, you do not need to outlay vast amounts of cash to achieve the results you need – all that’s needed is a little imagination and a whole lot of motivation.

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