How the Montessori method equips your child for success in the real world

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So, what does it mean to prepare your child for success in the real world?

Is it about being able to pass a standardised test, or going off to college or university? Or is it about seeing your child flourish in all areas of life? As well as academic achievement, our definition of success could mean having strong friendships, developing a strong sense of purpose, doing meaningful things with our lives and contributing to society in a positive way.

It could also mean having the confidence to stand up for ourselves and being able to defend our own points of view with conviction. Do we want our children to love learning, develop an inquiring mind, feel like nothing is impossible, and feel that they can follow whatever interests them, no matter where it may lead?

School should be about much more than teaching a child to read, write, and do mathematics. While those skills are important, there are so many others that are sorely neglected in most school programmes. The Montessori approach has a proven track record of equipping children with the skills needed for navigating work, relationships, and other areas of life with success.

In many ways, the Montessori classroom mimics the world of work, offering your child practice at developing skills that will serve them well throughout their life. Children pursue their education at their own pace, follow their interests, develop independence, self-discipline, and confidence needed to spearhead work projects.

A Montessori education inspires children to marvel at the world around them. From the moment your child steps into a Montessori school, they are taught to respect the viewpoints of others, even when they disagree. Children are taught to respect and take care of the environment through activities that range from cleaning up the classroom to taking care of the class pets and sowing seeds in the vegetable garden.

They develop an ability to care for themselves, others and for the environment.

One of the greatest gifts a Montessori education can offer your child is a lifelong love of learning along with the confidence of knowing they can learn anything they set their mind to. This passionate belief in their ability to grow and make a difference is fundamental to success later in life. It equips your child to do well in an ever-changing workforce landscape, and gives them a sense of purpose that leads to greater satisfaction throughout life.

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