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How old is too old to have a dog as a companion?

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The answer is … never. When an older person seeks a companion, what better than an older dog? No stressful marathons or hikes. You and canine happily walking alongside, no tugging on a lead. Content to pause and check out any new sniffs and smells. Established feeding/sleeping times. A friendly, furry friend to chat to. What could be better?

Caroline England’s Pet Park has two options: adopt an older dog; or, if you are looking for a companion, but not too sure, arrange a ‘Meet’ and come to visit and walk your future friend. Perhaps that may be the answer, book a regular slot to come and visit. Gently play, chat … don’t forget that treat! Take a look at ‘Dusty’, ‘Daisy’ or ‘Ela’. Older dogs are trusting and trustworthy.

Gail Skinner, also a long-term member of APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve), has had many spoons in many pots in her interesting, varied life. One of the most challenging was her stint as an officer of the SPCA (South Africa’s version of the RSPCA).



Gail recalls: “I joined the SPCA’s ‘Grassy Park’ in Cape Town, starting with the kennel section, working with dogs, especially ones that had been traumatised or abused. My aim was to rehabilitate them, finally finding them suitable homes.”

Gail has many stories to tell, but one that springs to her mind is a specially daunting case. “A St Bernard,” she smiles, “aggressive towards everyone.” St. Bernard aggressive? “Yes. But he eventually came to trust me, implicitly. I used to spend hours reading to him. We developed a fantastic bond.

“I managed to find him a permanent place through the Breed Rescue Programme. They started by fostering him out to one of their primary A+ homes. Eventually, he was adopted by an older couple. They had just lost their older dog.” A big grin. “A really, happy story all round!” Exactly.

Lisa Dowling, APAA’s Facebook editor, says that ‘Sooty’, ‘Marmaduke’ and ‘Puffy’, our three feline friends, have been temporarily homed in a cattery. They are, as Lisa puts it, “looking for a forever home!”

Meanwhile, catch up on APAA, Pet Park and Gail via their websites and Facebook. Thanks to the Resident, our continued fellowship grows.

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