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How Cool Stuff Works


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We use all kinds of incredible technology every day but how does it really work?  For the curious of ALL ages (from age 10+) How Cool Stuff Works by Chris Woodford is out in a new paperback edition for 21 euros.

From gadget-lovers to curious children, have all your questions answered in this brilliantly illustrated book. Whether you want to impress your mates in the playground or triumph at the pub quiz, discover a wealth of fact-packed knowledge in this mind-blowing look at the workings of the most popular modern gadgets.

Back/forward features explain the beginnings of technologies and where they might lead in the future. ’How it works’ panels provide straightforward explanations, while a comprehensive reference section provides information about the science of gizmos in a fun, accessible way. The book also supports KS2 Science in the UK National Curriculum.

Flip to the facts with incredible detail and eye-popping photographs. This is the amazing lowdown on the technology of today and tomorrow. It’s never been so easy to be gadget-savvy!