Houses repossessed

Four properties belonging to disgraced solicitor Michael Lynn have been repossessed after permission was granted by the High Court in Dublin on March 15.

Mr Justice Brian McGovern granted the possession order after Michael Lynn failed to make payments on outstanding loans of more than 685,000 euros, leading to the properties in Ireland being repossessed by Anglo Irish Bank.

During the session the court heard that Michael Lynn had failed to respond to a summons sent to him at his last known address in the Algarve.

The judge said that he “wondered why an international arrest warrant had not been issued against Mr Lynn”.

Michael Lynn, who is wanted for questioning by the Irish Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, has estimated liabilities of more than 80 million euros to various financial institutions.

He was struck off as a solicitor in 2008 and ordered to pay two million euros in fines to the law society as well as being found guilty of 57 different charges of misconduct.