Houses in Ria Formosa need to come down

Work is underway for the renovation and improvement of the Ria Formosa area, and unlicensed houses will be demolished.

The Polis Litoral Ria Formosa, the entity responsible for the area, has included action for the development of the area and recovery of the environmental and urban protection status of Ria Formosa, as defined in its strategic plan.

The programme provides recognition of coastal zones that are at risk and protection work in degraded areas will be carried out.

Work began on March 29 under the supervision of SigmaGEO, a surveying, mapping and consulting company.

According to Valentina Calixto, president of ARH, the regional water authority, and head of the Polis Litoral Ria Formosa project, “the work includes the completion of an investigation to identify the plots and property owners in the areas at risk.”

One of the first areas analysed was the island of Armona, in the Tavira council.

Valentina Calixto said: “A set of buildings, which do not have licences issued by the competent authorities, were identified on Armona Island. These buildings put at risk the natural landscape of the area and could be destroyed by the sea, with the consequent dispersion of waste posing an environmental hazard as well as people’s lives being at stake. These buildings need to come down. Residents should vacate their homes, to allow the operation to proceed, by April 26.”

The total area controlled covers 19,245 hectares and runs from the boundary of the Vila Real de Santo António council in the east to the beach of Vale de Lobo.

Paulo Silvestre