House prices in Portugal “continue to rise above EU average”

It is “up, up, all the way”. House prices in the eurozone have increased 1.5% in the last three month period. In the EU as a whole they have risen 1.8% – but in Portugal the increase is much higher: 3.2% and rising.

In what has been the eighth highest leap in the EU, this translates into an 8% increase on prices for the same three month period in 2016.

As property website Idealista explains, this is a lot more than the equivalent increase for the eurozone (3.8%) or the EU (4.4%).

Opening their report with the news that “buying a house in Portugal is getting more and more expensive”, Idealista explains that the leaders in leaping house prices are countries like Lithuania and the Czech Republic (as well as Slovakia and Romania).

Lithuania three-month leap on first three months of the year came in at 6.1%, while the Czech Republic saw prices increase on the equivalent period last year by a breathtaking 13.3%.

The advantage Portugal has over these “better results” is in its geography, both political and physical.

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