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Hotline created for public to report animals in danger in Lisbon

Animal Rescue Button can be activated on any smartphone

Lisbon’s municipal animal welfare services have created an “Animal Rescue Button“, which can be activated on any smartphone to respond to situations involving animals in imminent danger or abandoned on public roads.

“Once the button has been activated, the user registers the situation on a simple form, which will then be submitted to triage for the activation of indicated means of rescue,” a source from the city’s municipal animal welfare office explains.

The mechanism was tested in the context of the December 2022 floods and “proved to be a success in swiftly responding to various requests”, said the source.

The button, which can also be activated via any computer with Internet access, is accessed at animal)

The city council’s current Contingency Plan for the Homeless includes support for “animals that often accompany this vulnerable group of people and are their only company”, added the source.

Pedro Paiva, head of Lisbon’s animal welfare services, said in today’s statement publicising the hotline: “In these times of special vulnerability in our city, we must not forget to also ensure the integrity and safety of all the animals that are exposed to the weather and that are naturally the responsibility of the municipality”.

Source material: Lusa