Hotels renew pleas for government help

The association for hotels and tourist developments of the Algarve (AHETA) has renewed its pleas for help to Portugal’s Prime Minister.

In a letter written to José Sócrates, the association recognises the efforts made by the government to help the tourist industry in the region but says that these have not been enough to reverse the difficulties that companies are suffering in the tourist accommodation sector as the number of visitors has declined.

Some of the new proposals suggested to the government include the creation of a medium to long term loan of 500 million euros for companies that “should be managed by the national tourism board”. They also ask for a change in the legislation that defines the criteria for the evaluation of property in order to lower IMI and IMT taxes, which would, in turn, attract foreign investment.

For AHETA, the resolution to the problem lies in cooperation between the public and private sectors which “should share responsibilities and actions”.

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