Hoteliers query data showing “only 2% of Lisbon properties rent to holidaymakers”

The net around illegal rentals is ever-tightening. A new study – showing that only 2% of properties in Lisbon are available for rental to holidaymakers – has riled hoteliers, who say their own studies point to a figure much higher, and most of it verifiable on the Airbnb website. Landlords association president António Frias Marques backs hoteliers up, saying the number of properties “fleeing the taxman” are “at least” double official figures.

The way forwards is simple, a council source has told the Resident. Town hall staff simply have to take the ‘official list’, issued by Turismo de Portugal and cross check it against websites like Airbnb.

The question, really, is when will this start and how people renting out illegally will be dealt with.

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