Hoteliers compare EN125 to “construction site”

The Algarve’s hotel association (AHETA) has lashed out at the state of the region’s EN125 road, which it likens to a “construction site”.

Roadworks on the EN125 between Vila do Bispo and Olhão were halted in July when a “summer break” was imposed by the government.

Though it helped keep traffic moving, many sections of the road were left “incomplete” such as the Arade bridge and Lagoa’s busy roundabout near the local bus terminal.

Plans were to restart the renovations in September but these got delayed to January 2017, with Planning Minister Pedro Marques saying in a recent interview with Antena 1 and Jornal de Negócios that they will begin again “in a few weeks, maybe a month”.

“AHETA does not understand these delays and has well-founded worries about the government’s promise, which is why it urges the government and the Prime Minister to act urgently,” the association said in a statement.

As the hoteliers point out: “The lack of adequate planning for these works has caused huge hassles and discontent among the Algarve people, but also among those who visit us.”

The association fears the roadworks may remain stalled until summer, which would have a huge “negative impact” on the region, especially the tourism sector.

AHETA’s statement came shortly after a new road safety plan (PENSE 2020) devised to reduce the number of accidents on Portuguese roads was announced.

“The approval of a plan like this, commendable on every levels, is still contradictory as the roadworks on the EN125 – the most dangerous road in Portugal with the largest number of accidents and victims – continue to lack a set date to restart,” the hoteliers added.

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