Hotel union files complaint against work conditions authority

The Algarve’s hotel union has filed a complaint against the national work conditions authority (ACT) for failing to act when the union denounces illegal activity conducted by hotel bosses in the region.

The complaint was filed on Tuesday (April 23) at ACT’s offices in Faro.

Says the union, there have been many cases of unlawful activity that the union has brought to the ACT’s attention, but which have never been investigated.

Some workers have never been paid for the bank holidays that they worked while others are forced to work beyond their normal schedule to keep their jobs, the union reports. Many other breaches of contract have also been reported.

“There are cases that we reported in January 2017, which have yet to receive a reply. We feel this has gone beyond all limits,” union boss Tiago Jacinto told Lusa news agency.

“Either we fail to receive a response or the answer we get is so evasive that we do not understand if they identified any illegal activity. The information that we receive many times is that the cases are archived,” he added.

The complaint filed by the union is also being sent to the Ministry of Employment and all of Portugal’s parliamentary groups.

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