Hotel funding hiccup

A LACK of funds has halted the conversion of the Convento de Nossa Senhora do Desterro in Monchique into a hotel.

President of the câmara, Carlos Tuta, has said they are awaiting investors and work is not likely to resume before March. He attended the Bolsa de Turismo, tourism fair, in Lisbon last week, with the objective of finding business people to invest five million euros in the project.

Built in 1631, by order of D. Pêro da Silva of India, the building has rarely been lived in and stands empty, in ruins. This project has been a desire of the câmara for more than 22 years and, in 2001, the Gabinete de Estudos e Projectos, S.A. won the contract to convert it, but the construction has yet to begin. When work does resume, the hotel will have 22 double rooms and two suites, with a total of 48 beds.

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