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Hot Springs of Turkey

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DID YOU know that a trip to the Hot Springs in Turkey could help the cure for psoriasis? The Hot Springs are in an area called Sivas and these springs have water with a ph of about 7.2, which is isothermal and maintains a temperature of about 35°C throughout the year.

It has features which make selenium at 1.3 parts per million and has been emphasised for its biological and therapeutic aspects. The water has been reported as being beneficial in rheumatic, (neuralgia, neuritis, paralysis), orthopaedic and traumatological sequelae (fractures, joint trauma and muscle disease, as well as gynaecological problems, all just by drinking the water.

This was reported from the Clinic and Institute of Physical Therapy and Hydrology in the Faculty of Medicine at Turkey’s Ankara University in March 1967.

How it works

The fish strike and lick the psoriatic plaque or plaques of other skin diseases, which have been softened by the water. This clears the scales, causes minor bleeding and exposes the lesion to the water and sunlight.

This may also cause drainage of pus in patients with abscesses. The high level of selenium in the water is reported to be the most important factor for wound healing.

Wide interest in the doctor fish encourages people with neurological and rheumatic disease to visit the Hot Springs and to immerse themselves in its pools.

The initial pleasant sensation and relaxation of micro-massage is replaced by a tingling sensation. This massage is given particularly by the younger fish, which need many more nutrients for rapid growth and relaxation over the skin.

Two types of fish are involved, both members of the Cyprinidae family and are adapted to living in a hot milieu. The so-called striker is a Cyprinidae macrostomus. It has a terminal mouth and a length of 15 to 29cm. It is covered with relatively large scales and has six to eight irregularly arranged lateral spots of various sizes.

The second fish, known locally as a licker, is Garra rufa obtuse. It has a crescent-shaped mouth and a maximum length of 19cm. Large scales also cover its body.

Hot Springs healing programme

1. Drink at least three glasses of healing water before breakfast

2. Take a swim in the pool after breakfast

3. Therapy starts through healing water rich in minerals and healing fishes

4. The healing fish, unique in the world, live at a water temperature of 37°C (scientifically no fish can live in water with temperature exceeding 28°C)

5. Along with the healing water containing the element selenium (known to be most effective in curing dermatological diseases), the healing fish starts the process

6. Swim in the pool twice a day, staying in the water up until eight hours in total

7. No alcohol should be taken during the treatment

8. No medicine against psoriasis should be taken during the cure

9. The therapy should continue for 21 days, with an observed stay in the pool for eight hours

10. Psoriasis affected patients observing these rules leave the spring totally healed.

The travel programme will cost from around 520 euros for one week, which includes two nights accommodation in Istanbul, four nights half board accommodation in the Thermal Hotel in Sivas. The price also includes all transfers at Istanbul and at Sivas, domestic flight from Istanbul to Sivas, spring waters and pool usage and all local taxes, airport taxes and VAT.

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