Hot May expected as temperatures surge above 30ºC
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Hot May expected as temperatures surge above 30ºC

Meteorologists predict “above average” temperatures for May

Portugal is expecting an early taste of summer this May as meteorologists predict “above-average” temperatures until nearly the end of the month.

Some parts of the country are already seeing temperatures soar into the 30ºCs, and the summer-like weather is due to continue into next week, according to forecasts from the National Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA).

Faro, capital of the sunny Algarve, is expecting maximums of 25ºC on Friday which will increase to 28ºC on Saturday, when the temperature is not expected to drop below the balmy 20ºC mark.

The Alentejo as usual is due to register the highest temperatures, with temperatures due to reach as high as 32º or 33ºC in some parts of the region, although Lisbon is also in for some scorching temperatures which could reach 32ºC on Monday.

The weather will be milder in the northern city of Porto, where thermometers are still likely to register maximum temperatures of 27ºC.

Skies in the coming days will be mostly clear in the Algarve – making the prospect of a trip to the beach all the more appealing for those near coastal areas – while most of the rest of Portugal is in for some cloudy weather this weekend.

By Michael Bruxo