Hospitals in Portugal brace for ‘new killer fungus’

With world health authorities warning of the spread of Candida auris, the superbug that has killed up to 72% of its victims in a month, Portugal is on the alert, and “various suspected cases have already been analysed”.

Up till now, all the results have been negative, “but the fungus is expected at any moment” says Expresso.

A derivative of the common ‘candida’ fungus, auris is multiresistant and fast-moving.

Explain reports, it spreads through the blood “and all available treatments fail”.

Fluconazol, for example (the most commonly prescribed remedy for Candida yeast infections) “does nothing, while almost half the fungus strains now circulating are also resistant to two or more types of anti-fungals”.

Recommendations for how to reduce risks involve the simple advice about washing hands frequently, “especially before and after entering hospitals and health centres, or after contact with patients”.

Anyone prescribed antibiotics should take care to follow instructions to the letter and “not abuse this type of medication”.

Say stories today, all health units are taking extra care to ensure the maximum hygiene possible, particularly concerning patients admitted for surgeries.

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