Hospitals in chaos as doctors and nurses stage simultaneous walk-outs

This morning saw nurses union Sindepor embark on a scheduled four-day strike while doctors in hospitals up and down the country are staging their own two-day walk-out.

As we wrote this text, reports were coming through that in some areas, adhesion was up to 100% – with thousands of operations ‘cancelled’ and at least one major Lisbon hospital (S. José) described as ‘paralysed’.

President of the doctors syndicate Jorge Roque da Cunha has apologised to all the citizens affected stressing the action is necessary to highlight the lack of investment that is crippling the state health service.

He told RTP news that doctors do not want to strike but that have been “pushed” into it after “a lot of time talking with the health ministry without solutions”.

In the absence of meaningful negotiations, the strike will continue to midnight tomorrow, while nurses battling for career progressions will be continuing their action until the early hours of Saturday morning.