Hospital Particular in Gambelas inaugurates new wing

The HPA Gambelas is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. And this special occasion could not have been better celebrated than with the official opening last week of our new wing on the second floor.

This unit, with its modern and functional architecture, quickly became the reference hospital in the Algarve, bringing together human and technological resources on a par with the best in the country. This differentiation meant that in just a few years the available space became too small for the ever-increasing demand.

Although the extension of the building took place on the second floor, the ground floor in the outpatients’ unit will also undergo reorganisation.

“These improvement projects will mean additional space, better organisation, and greater efficiency, resulting in less time wasted, improved services, an increase in patient satisfaction and a better solution to their problems,” says a spokesman for the HPA Group.

The work began in January this year and will also include the renovation of some medical equipment, which will require additional adapted spaces.

To cope with these alterations, most of the administrative and financial services have now been transferred to offices outside the hospital. “This was the most functional way of gaining space for additional medical assistance,” refers the same source.

The second floor will have a new outpatient unit with clinical and surgical consultation, a small operating theatre for outpatient surgery and special endoscopic exams for gastroenterology, pulmonology and urology.

The new oncological centre will triple its treatment capacity, with a new larger area and the personalised and unique services that these patients require and appreciate, carried out so well by its professional team.

This new 1,200sqm area will allow for the reorganisation of other areas in the hospital, which will mean a more functional and structured patient-centred approach in integrated units according to the various pathologies.

A new inpatient gynaecology/obstetrics service was created, which includes the puerperium, maternity and delivery room with its respective recovery area.

There is also a new wing of private rooms, privileging privacy and comfort.

Access to the current outpatients’ consultation area will be through a separate entrance. The waiting room is also larger, with additional administrative support, including electronic kiosks, integrated with the computer system and the MyHPA Saúde App, making it possible to reduce waiting times.

The cardiology department will continue to be on the same floor but will now integrate the cardiovascular disease treatment centre, the orthopaedic centre and the ophthalmological consultation and examination unit. The otorhinolaryngology consultation and the dressing and treatment centre will also remain in this area.

The Grupo HPA Saúde believes that “this remodelling will bring substantial benefits for our patients, especially in terms of comfort. Our professional staff will also gain larger and more functional areas, with the possibility of increasing their activity, which for some specialties may increase by more than 20%.

“The building has increased in size by 10%, but our mission is to increase our patients’ satisfaction level by 100%.”