Hospital Particular do Algarve expands uphill

news: Hospital Particular do Algarve expands uphill

Hospital Particular do Algarve (HPA) Group has announced the acquisition of Clínica Medchique in Monchique.

As part of its strategic plan for growth and development, the HPA Group said in a statement to the press last week that it had “extended its geographical sphere of influence to the Monchique Serra through the acquisition of a majority stake at Clínica Medchique”.

Medchique has been established in Monchique since June 2007, offering a range of healthcare specialties and complementary diagnostic tests, with particular focus on physiotherapy, “as its founders are physiotherapists”, explained the HPA Group.

“Over the past five years, Medchique had been a privileged partner of HPA Group in the area of physiotherapy. Thanks to this structural partnership, HPA Group will be able to expand its range of healthcare specialities,” said the group.

Medchique will also be investing in the various areas of specialisation within the field of physiotherapy to ensure a more efficient response to medical and surgical demands.