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Hospital Particular achieves five stars

The Hospital Particular do Algarve group has been awarded a Five Star Rating, making it the only private group of hospitals in the Algarve to obtain this award.

The group covers the whole of the Algarve with units in Alvor, Gambelas Faro, Hospital de São Camilo in Portimão and Clinica Particular do Algarve in Albufeira.

The award was received following a ‘check up’ performed by the Portuguese Health System, with 146 public and private hospitals being scrutinised by the Entidade Reguladora da Saúde (ERS), the entity that regulates the health sector in Portugal.

Only 42 hospitals, just 29%, were declared clinically fit and were awarded the Five Star Rating in all criteria analysed; Clinical Excellence, Patient Safety, Suitability of Facilities, Patient Orientation and Satisfaction by those who have used the facilities.

The HPA Group was the only entity in the Algarve to receive this award, with another nine private hospitals in other parts of Portugal achieving this top rating. Thirty-two publicly funded (national health) hospitals also received the five-star commendation from the ERS.

The HPA Group distinguishes itself through innovation and quality in diagnosis and treatment as well as its excellence in human resources.

In addition to other notable achievements, major open heart surgery was performed for the first time in the Algarve this year on March 30 at the Gambelas, Faro location.

To date, this makes Faro the fourth city in Portugal with the capability, both technically and with the support of experienced clinicians, to carry out procedures in this highly specialised area of medicine.

A team of surgeons from Lisbon joined the HPA private hospital in order to make this possible and enable cardiac surgery to become a reality for patients in the Algarve region.


On August 17, free screenings for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) will be held, by appointment, at the private Hospital Particular do Algarve clinic located in Algarve Shopping, Guia.

Screening appointments can now be scheduled and will take place between 10am and 11pm.

In a statement, HPA’s Vascular Surgery Coordinator Sérgio Silva said: “This screening aims to diagnose people with PAD at an early stage, since the Algarve is the region in the country with the highest rates of lower limb amputations and we want to raise awareness of this.”

According to a study, the prevalence of PAD in Portugal in citizens over 50 years of age is between 5.3% and 6.5%, however, those who smoke, have diabetes or are over the age of 70 are more at risk.

PAD is a disease in which plaque (fat, cholesterol, calcium, fibrous tissue, etc) builds up in the arteries that carry blood to the head, organs and limbs.

Over time, this narrows arteries, affecting blood flow and can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack, strokes and more.

The disease mainly affects the arteries in the legs and can lead to amputation.

The screening day is mainly intended for people over the age of 50, who have hypertension, diabetes or smoking habits.

Carried out by health professionals, the screening will consist of a full, detailed vascular examination of the lower limbs.

For more information about HPA or for those with PAD concerns or interested in booking a screening with HPA, please contact 707 282 828 or visit www.hpalg.com